The Church of England in Saddleworth

The Church of England in Saddleworth worships God revealed to us in Jesus Christ. We welcome all who seek God, regardless of race, age, gender, or sexual orientation. We affirm that the Church's mission, in obedience with Holy Scripture is to proclaim the unfailing love of God in every generation. We are a team of nine churches serving our community through prayer and friendship.

The Grapevine - Issue 8 - Front Page

Children at St Anne’s Lydgate and St Chad’s Uppermill schools were invited to draw a picture to illustrate their understanding of ‘God’. The pictures on the front cover of Issue 8 of The Grapevine are a selection from those we received.

Children have a unique relationship with God and have much to teach us about love, trust, wonder and awe, spontaneity and joy. They are a window onto faith and their thoughts should always be listened to and respected.

All the pictures we received from the children are shown in the gallery below.

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