The Church of England in Saddleworth

The Church of England in Saddleworth worships God revealed to us in Jesus Christ. We welcome all who seek God, regardless of race, age, gender, or sexual orientation. We affirm that the Church's mission, in obedience with Holy Scripture is to proclaim the unfailing love of God in every generation. We are a team of nine churches serving our community through prayer and friendship.


The Church of England in Saddleworth and the people in its parish churches work hard to safeguard children and young people, vulnerable adults and those in abusive relationships.

We aim to create safe environments where children and young people are nurtured and protected and where all people, especially those who may be vulnerable for any reason, are able to worship and pursue their faith journey with encouragement and in safety.

We follow the national legal and procedural framework for safeguarding children and vulnerable adults in addition to Church of England policy and practice.

We act promptly on any complaints made and work in close partnership with the diocese, police and social care services where children or vulnerable adults have been harmed or are at risk of harm or mistreatment.

We provide safe recruitment, training and support to our voluntary and paid workers with children and vulnerable adults.

We care for those who have been abused in the past, and minister appropriately to those who have abused.

Useful Resources

Please download the Church of England’s Parish Safeguarding Handbook or visit the Safeguarding area of Diocese of Manchester’s website by clicking on the images below.

The Diocese of Manchester’s website contains the names of contact numbers of their Safeguarding Officer and Assistant Safeguarding Officer together with other safeguarding information and materials.


Parish Safeguarding Contacts

The details below provide a clergy representative and a Parish Safeguarding Officer (PSO) for each parish (except the Parish of St Chad Saddleworth who have two PSOs).

¥ Please note that the contact details for the Parish Safeguarding Officer for Christ Church Friezland are not available on this website. The contact details of the Diocesan Safeguarding Officer (DSO), Abbey Clephane-Wilson, are provided instead.

St Thomas Delph

Revd John Rosedale - 01457 874209
Richard Lait (PSO) - 01457 829799

Christ Church Denshaw

Revd John Rosedale - 01457 874209
Elizabeth Feber (PSO) - 07789 406726

Holy Trinity Dobcross

Revd John Rosedale - 01457 874209
Beverley Johnson (PSO) - 07810 648369

Christ Church Friezland

Revd Canon Sharon Jones - 07738 966271
¥ Abbey Clephane-Wilson (DSO) - 07436 589606

St Mary Greenfield

Revd John Rosedale - 01457 874209
Alison O'Brien (PSO) - 0161 624 3119

St Anne Lydgate

Revd Canon Sharon Jones - 07738 966271
Susan Fleming (PSO) - 01457 877609

St Chad Saddleworth

Revd Canon Sharon Jones - 07738 966271
Becky Chadwick (PSO) - 07711 747321 (Child Protection)
Revd Sue Bamping (PSO) - 01457 875767 (Vulnerable Adults)

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