The Church of England in Saddleworth

The Church of England in Saddleworth worships God revealed to us in Jesus Christ. We welcome all who seek God, regardless of race, age, gender, or sexual orientation. We affirm that the Church's mission, in obedience with Holy Scripture is to proclaim the unfailing love of God in every generation. We are a team of nine churches serving our community through prayer and friendship.

St Chad Saddleworth - Kilngreen Church

About us

The church is situated in Leeside just down the hill from the Diggle Hotel. When it was first built in 1870 it was Diggle School, and remained so for many years, until a more modern school was built on Sam Road. Some of our older congregation members still remember their schooldays here.

Because of its previous life as a school, it is a "multi-purpose" community building, housing both the church and a wide variety of groups and activities throughout the week.

The church chancel is divided from the main area of the big hall by a slatted roll-down shutter, which protects the altar when the church is not in use, so that the building can be easily used for lots of other purposes.

There are individual seats for the congregation, which means we can be very flexible about how we present services. Seats can be in rows, in a circle or semi-circle, or with tables, thus making for a creative and lively service of worship. The church is accessible for wheelchair users and has accessible toilet facilities.

Not everyone realises that Kilngreen Church is licensed for weddings and there have been several here over the last few years. Kilngreen makes a wonderful combined wedding and/or reception venue.

Communion at an early age is encouraged at Kilngreen and children are always welcome to come to the communion rail to receive the bread or a blessing with their parents. Hymns are mostly accompanied by the piano, played by Tracy or Cathie or if all else fails we have a variety of CDs which cover all sorts of different hymns and songs for everyone to enjoy.

Kilngreen has a smaller room alongside the big hall which incorporates the kitchen. This is where Sunday School meets on most Sunday mornings for part of the service, joining the congregation each week at the Eucharist. The Sunday School children have a board to display their work and they always tell everyone what they have been up to when they join us in the service. One of our younger congregation members, Rachel Diamond, has completed the Bishop’s Certificate in Children’s Ministry Level 1 and regularly works alongside the Sunday School teachers, ably assisted by her younger sister Hannah. Our current Sunday School children are all quite young and new families are always welcome to come along.

How to find us

St Chad Saddleworth - Kilngreen Church, Lee Side, Diggle, Oldham, OL3 5JY


Regular Services

  • 1st Sunday

    • 9:30am Family Worship

  • 2nd Sunday

    • 9:30am Eucharist and Sunday School

  • 3rd Sunday

    • 9:30am Eucharist and Sunday School

  • 4th Sunday

    • 9:30am Eucharist and Sunday School

  • 5th Sunday

On the 5th Sunday all three of the St Chad Saddleworth worship centres worship together. The venue is rotated.

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